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X your new superpower, redefined

July 25, 2023

What are the first images that flash into your head when you hear the words X factor? Maybe it’s a glossy TV show, a panel of judges, a gold statue? Or global superstars like Madonna or RuPaul whose X factor rests on their talent and fame.

Traditionally, our X factor lens has been set on zoom. What we see is mega stardom and the debris of reality TV shows. This zoom setting on our X factor lens distorts our view. The conventional idea that X factor is only for a handful of exceptional people is bullsh%t, done, finished, over.

In my latest book: X Factor Unleash Your Presenting Superpower I blow that myth wide open. There is now a modern X factor, and everyone, everyone, has X factor potential.

This modern X factor is multidimensional and lives at the intersection of purpose, service, value and uniqueness, which gives it distinctiveness, depth and richness.

Purpose, what is your intent with your X factor? Service, does it serve the room, you might love belting out a tune, but does it serve your audience? Value – does your X factor make your presentation richer, deeper, more meaningful? And most importantly this modern X factor challenges you to find and share something unique that you love.

It can be something as small as color. Naomi Simson is an Australian businessperson, entrepreneur and the founder of RedBalloon. Simson only wears red; it is her signature look. She says the colour is her public uniform and helps identify what she stands for.

Ready to discuss an X Factor keynote or masterclass? Drop me a line for an initial conversation.

X Factor

Warning! This radical book is ONLY for presenters who want to achieve professional impact and business results. You don’t want to just present; you want to create an audience experience. With every presentation you want to transform people, organisations and what’s possible. This book is your first step.

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