Here are some articles that I have written or featured in.

Also, please check our extensive blog posts where I capture my thoughts, and wonderful examples of story.

Podcasts, Published  & Featured Articles

Big Marker Webinar, August 2020, Humans and Technology: A tragedy or a romance?

Sidewalk Talk Podcast, May 4 2020 The Link between Story, Connection and Productivity. Yamini Naidu chats to Traci Ruble founder of Sidewalk talk.

The Australian Corporate Lawyer 2020 ‘Business Storytelling, the hot new skill of the decade?’ Yamini Naidu

Warwick Merry, 4 November 2019, Supercharge your business with storytelling, Get More Success

Craig Johns, active CEO Podcast, Yamini Naidu Business Story Mastery

CPA Fiji, 30 July 2018, Top Author to present at CPA Fiji, Sunbiz

Christina Canters, 13 June 2018, Why Business Storytelling Is Key To Leadership Success with Yamini Naidu Episode 165]

Emma Koehn, April 2018, The pitch: Four ways to craft a company story so people listen, Smart Company.

ABC Radio, February 2018, ‘Saturday afternoons with Lisa Leong’ features Yamini discussing the power of business storytelling. (34min mark)

Naidu Y, July 2017,  Stand-up Comedy debut, School of Hard Knock Knocks.

Naidu Y, July 2016 It’s Storytime!, NETT Magazine

Naidu Y, 8 July 2016 The new tools of influence in the modern workplace, First

Naidu Y, 17 June 2016 Storytelling for Business, Culture x Design

Naidu Y, June 2016 Deadly Sins of Business Storytelling, The A-Team

Naidu Y, May 2016 Podcast 112 – Yamini Naidu Power Play, The Luke & Suzie Show

Naidu Y, May 2016 Sky Business News Interview

Hilton J, May 2016,Need to Learn? It’s OK to LOL, HRD Magazine

Hilton J, March 2016, The training technique many are too afraid to use, Learning & Development Professional

Hilton J, March 2016, Why L&D professionals should all be storytellers, Learning & Development Professional

Hilton J, March 2016, Empathy: The forgotten factor in leadership, Learning & Development Professional

Naidu Y, August 2015, ‘Not your average story’, Risk Adviser

Gibson G, 2015, ‘Interview with Yamini Naidu, economist turned business storyteller‘, The Slow School of Business

Williams, A, 2014 Want to be an effective leader? Make sure you have a compelling story, CMO Australia

Telstra, 2014 Online Sharing for Success, Telstra Insight

Naidu Y, July 2014  ‘5 Super Secrets of the World’s Epic Influencers’. Gloss Magazine  pages 28 -29

Walters K, February 2014  ‘Storytelling, making your messages stick’. Boss Magazine, Australian Financial Review

Naidu, Y, September 2013 ‘Ignite your personal brand with storytelling Latte Magazine‘

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