X Factor: Unleash Your Presenting Superpower


ISBN-13: 9780648598756
Publisher: X Factor Publications
Publication date: 03/15/2023
Pages: 212
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Looking for that critical edge in your presentations? Learn how to engage, connect, and inspire with this unique and powerful approach.

Are you a presenter searching for a blueprint to wow bosses and clients? Longing to convey information in a long-term and meaningful way? Do you have great ideas but struggle to move peers to action? As the world’s only economist turned Bollywood-dancing business storyteller, bestselling author and speaker Yamini Naidu busts the myth that X factor is something you are born with or exclusive to a handful of lucky people.

And now she’s here to help you find and unleash your own X factor so you can forever change how you present, make a lasting impact, and create shifts in your world.

X Factor: Unleash Your Presenting Superpower is a radical approach that will help you change bland business presentations into memorable, audience-stirring events. Using case studies, client examples, and a generous dose of humor, Naidu discards the erroneous notion that just a select few individuals can dazzle the room and reveals how you hold all the talent necessary to excel. And by following her straightforward templates and plans, you’ll soon be building a personal and professional legacy.

In X Factor: Unleash Your Presenting Superpower, you’ll discover:

– How to identify your X Factor using a combination of your skills, abilities, and experiences to wow every audience­

– Tips for winning a reputation as a brilliant presenter and creating a new future for you and your organization

– Encouragement

to step into your best self, so you shine authentically under any spotlight

– Ways to rise above the masses and achieve lasting impact with every word

– Why you should trade vanilla for spice, how to channel your presenter personality in an authentic and effective way, and much, much more!

X Factor is a revolutionary handbook for leaders and professionals who are looking to level up their ability to influence audiences. If you like exciting new ideas, relatable anecdotes, and leaving boring slide decks in the dust, then you’ll love Yamini Naidu’s unforgettable advice.

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