With every presentation do you:
  • Connect, engage, and inspire your audience
  • Move people to action

  • Achieve personal and professional impact

Research tells us that only the top 1% of Professional Speakers hit these goals consistently and with every presentation.

If you want to know with absolute certainty that you are kicking these goals, more traditional presentation skills is NOT the answer. So, what do you need to better, smarter, and differently?

You need to unleash your presentation superpower. Excuse me – did you say superpower? Yes, superpower.

Every superpower has an origin story.

My name is Yamini Naidu and I speak professionally for a living. I have been speaking for what, hmm 15O years? I’ve been speaking for over 15 years – but speaker years are like dog years! I am an economist by training – please don’t stop reading here.

When I started my professional speaking career, I was a very serious speaker. A serious economist – such a classic stereotype and I was living it! One day I was doing a keynote at IBM. I looked out at the audience and I saw a sea of Indian faces. I immediately thought I should tell them about my mother. I said ‘I am economist by training and I co-founded a company that does storytelling. I was so excited and raced home to tell my mum – Mum I am going to be doing storytelling’. And she replied ‘Is that a job - Why can’t you be a doctor or be in IT.’

The audience roared with laughter, The room lit up and in that moment my audience and I became one. We connected viscerally.

That day I stumbled onto something important. For me at that time my X factor was sharing funny stories. That’s what I called it, I didn’t use the words X factor. One of my clients even refers to me as ‘a funny story speaker’! It never occurred to me that what I was doing lived in a larger context, or was something that could be taught and learned.


Travel forward to March 2020, I was at my Professional Speakers Convention. That’s the industry speak for when professional speakers meet and share our trade secrets. The wonderful Vinh Giang, a fellow keynote speaker said every presentation should have:



As experts, you've got this


Creating the audience experienece


Storytelling and humour

We are already at ninety per cent. So what do you think makes up the remaining ten per cent?



Defining the undefinable?

Your X factor is born from your own unique set of skills, talents, lived experiences, quirks, hobbies and interests. It’s the best version of you.

X factor is a mix of mystery, magic, and madness. Mystery, (we don’t know how you do it) magic, (as an audience we are enchanted) and madness (it’s crazy, it shouldn’t work, but it does, it’s mad no one has dared do that before or thought of it)!

It’s mad in a way that is fresh and connects with your audience to make you and your messages unforgettable.

X factor begins where brand stops.

Do you have X Factor?

When you hear the words X factor – you immediately start to wonder
What is my X factor? Do I even have one? What if I don’t have one?

Take a deep breath.

My research is reassuring. Everyone has X factor POTENTIAL

Sadly, most presenters never discover their X factor.

But this doesn’t have to be you. Because you can learn how to unleash this presentation superpower. This is your opportunity. You can protect the past, or participate in the future with X factor.

How you can find your X factor?

Trying the find your X factor on your own is like to trying to nail jelly to a tree. But don’t be disheartened. Help is at hand. To help you get there fast I have distilled the process into three vital steps. Welcome to the 3X Super Steps.

The 3X Super Steps are:

1. Gather. Gather field data from your personal life and use to inform and shape your X factor 

2. Zing. Learn how to make this data ‘zing’

3. Craft. Use several tools to craft and recraft your X factor statement

To find your X factor you explore, inquire and invite. You mine for gold. You make a deep (riveting and exciting) dive into you. The many tools you will use are like paints on a palette. 




Let Yamini Naidu explain why you should care about your X Factor.

Why invest in 10%?

In chaos theory, the butterfly effect refers to the way a small change can produce a very large variation. A butterfly flapping its wings in Melbourne, can produce a tsunami elsewhere the world.

That is the power of your X factor.

Your X factor can unleash the butterfly effect.

And create a new future, for clients, your organization and most of all for you.

Content & Delivery creates reliable presenters. Who doesn’t like reliable?

With good content and delivery clients like you.

Inspiration creates referrable presenters. People recommend your work, you reputation thrives. With inspiration clients love you.


But X factor creates raving fans. With X Factor they can’t live without you.


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Are you ready for your X factor?

Are you ready to unleash your presentation superpower?

Are you ready for your new future?

Start here by downloading 101 X factor ideas