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Yamini Naidu, CSP is not just a speaker, but a transformative experience.

As the world's only economist turned Bollywood dancing business storyteller, she brings a unique blend of insights, entertainment, and inspiration to her audiences. Her keynotes are not just informative, but also interactive and fun, filled with humor and compelling storytelling. Yamini doesn't just talk about storytelling, she immerses you in it, creating an engaging, participatory session that resonates with audiences.

With her sessions based on leading-edge research and 15 years of specialization in storytelling, she delivers practical insights and world-class content. Whether it's a face-to-face or online event, Yamini guarantees a blend of laughter and learning that leaves audiences wanting more.

Book Yamini Naidu, CSP for an unforgettable speaking experience.

Get ready to learn!

Yamini will inform and educate with her unique messages presented in ways that immediately resonate and connect with your audience.

Get ready to have fun!

Yamini entertains with humour, stage presence and storytelling. She is compelling on stage and on line and her keynotes are practical, insightful and interactive.

Get ready to be inspired!

Yamini inspires, is captivating and role models her message. She has her audiences laughing, learning and wanting more. Yes, even online.


Yamini presented an engaging and impactful storytelling masterclass to hundreds of members of our Business Chicks community. She delivered her unique presentation with passion, commitment and beautiful storytelling. The feedback from the audience was overwhelmingly positive — she truly captured people’s hearts and minds.
Olivia Ruello, CEO, Business Chicks
Yamini spoke at our 2019 conference in June and the feedback overwhelmingly indicated that Yamini should have been a keynote! To address this, we invited her on our August lunch roadshow around Australia and had our biggest numbers in all locations. Yamini’s engaging and humorous style made her stories memorable, complimented by her warm and friendly nature. Her session on storytelling, with examples woven throughout, helped association professionals realise the potential stories can have including demonstrating the value of being a member.
Toni Brearley, Chief Executive Officer, Australasian Society of Association Executives
Yamini is a wonderful storyteller, mentor and human being. Her wisdom and charisma are infectious and she is guaranteed to bring light into any gathering.
Tania de Jong AM, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Soprano at Creative Universe, Creativity Australia, MindMedicine Australia & Creative Innovation
I’ve yet to meet a person who hasn’t called themselves ‘Yamini’s #1 fan’ after seeing her speak. She is breathtaking in every way. Authentic and professional, hilarious and insightful, big on inspiration but even bigger on practical value. Audiences don’t just learn a few things or feel good for a few hours after seeing Yamini on stage. They find the courage and clarity to make immediate changes in their work, life and relationships, resulting in a tsunami of positive impact in their careers, families, organisations and communities. If you want a speaker who doesn’t just nail the brief, but leaves your audience enthralled, pick up the phone and call her agent ASAP!
Mykel Dixon, award-winning speaker and Creative Leadership Expert, author of Everyday Creative: A dangerous guide to making magic a work
Yamini took our team through a high energy set that had everyone fully engaged from start to finish. Through practical examples and workshopping, we experienced the power of business storytelling, with a combination of both tears and belly laughs as staff shared their stories across the team. An incredible learning experience and one we would highly recommend for capability development and commercial impact.
Bridie Swatton Née Cowell, Innovation Director at Bega Cheese Limited.
We recently used Yamini for our premier client event, where she toured Australia’s capital cities presenting to hundreds of our clients. Yamini has a compelling story to tell and one that resonated extremely well with our business clients. Yamini’s style is highly engaging and in many ways enchanting, as she shares the secret power of storytelling through practical examples. I would highly recommend Yamini to anyone thinking about how to create greater engagement with their clients or employees.
Don Sillar, Head of Sales, ANZ Private

    Immersive, experiential  and participatory sessions. Yamini doesn't just talk about storytelling, she gets you to do it! Immersing you in the world of storytelling and within the first 20 minutes she has participants sharing their first story. 

    She gently scaffolds participants for success through small steps, positive reinforcement and the creation of psychological safety.

    Participants experience the power of storytelling, through sharing stories and listening to their peers’ stories. Not through being told that storytelling is powerful! Yamini walks the talk and also get you to walk the talk. 

    Cognitive Load and Learning impacts. Both the face to face and online sessions (Live With Yamini) have been designed and calibrated for the most effective learning. 

    Science, not snake oil. Sessions are  based on leading edge research on business storytelling. This combined with behavioural and cognitive learning theories means our sessions deliver results! 

    Are we having fun yet?  The sessions are fun. You are both laughing* and learning. This is not an empty promise but a guarantee or your money back! (*Lifetime guarantee, more than one per person, unlimited stock). And yes this applies both for the face to face and Live With Yamini events.

    Practical and world-class. Yamini has been specialising in storytelling (yes just storytelling) for 15 years. She pioneered business storytelling in Australia Her sessions are based in deep IP developed in the field globally working with leaders from ASX listed top 100 to Fortune 500 companies. Her keynotes are finely tuned and honed at the coal face.

    What is CSP?

    Is it Cloud Service Provider or Chip Scale Package? No!

    CSP is Certified Speaking Professional.

    A CSP designation is the highest honour awarded to speakers across the globe by both Australia’s National and Global Professional Speaking bodies. In Australia there are only approximately 150 CSPs in total, and of those, only 50 women CSPs.

    For you as a client when booking a speaker, the CSP designation is a sign that you’re in good hands. They will deliver an amazing presentation for you, like they have for thousands of other delighted clients.