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I went psycho in the gym this morning

June 12, 2024

I turned the whole place upside down, trying to find my phone. My trainer, Courtney suggested, ‘Do you think you left it at home?’ Doh. That’s exactly where my phone was, safe on my bedside table.

Please take this test that went viral recently to see if you are as bad as I am: Place your phone in the next room for 30 minutes. Every time you feel the urge to check your phone, make a mark on a sheet of paper. Don’t be surprised if, at the end of 30 minutes (hats off if you last that long), your sheet looks like a racoon on meth attacked it.

Congratulations, you just completed the ‘popcorn brain’ test. The term popcorn brain describes our brain’s constant jump from thought to thought like popcorn popping. It is a metaphor for our overstimulated brains caused by constant scrolling on our phones.

As a leader, popcorn brain is what you contend with every minute of every day as you try to connect with your people.

Should you fight fire with fire? Conduct your next town hall as TikTok videos. Maybe not. Nothing is more embarrassing than seeing your dad or mum trying to be cool on TikTok.

There’s only one proven technique to transcend popcorn brain. Lean on the brains’ ancient hardwiring: storytelling. Our ancestors’ survival depended on listening to stories shared around the campfire. It could be lifesaving, knowing what berries were safe to eat.

When someone shares a story, you lean in and listen – whether you want to or not, even when your phone is pinging with ten notifications. Your brain, even though it might be popcorning like crazy, is also hardwired to listen to stories.

As a leader learn storytelling; your audience will hang on to your every word—guaranteed.

Now is the perfect time to seize that EOFY budget and invest in a Storytelling Masterclass with me.

My Storytelling Masterclass is for you if:

• You never want to hear the words ‘I still don’t get this’ again

• You want to connect, engage and inspire people

• You want to move people to action

• You want people to be on board — to invest emotionally

• You want to translate data so it’s compelling

Here’s a link for more information. Reach out to book a time for a conversation. It will be one of the best EOFY decisions you make.

PS: Harvard physician Dr Aditi Nerurkar designed the popcorn brain test, and Professor Emeritus David M Levy coined the term.

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