Light of the Party


ISBN: 9780648598725
ISBN-10: 0648598721
Format: softcover
Language: English
Published: 1st November 2020

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‘Yamini is to storytelling as apple is to pie.’

Peter Baines OAM, Founder, Hands Across Water

Do you know someone who:

Connects easily and quickly with people?

Charms everyone with their anecdotes?

Shines at dinner parties with funny stories?

Builds instant rapport with clients?

Can make an effortless, funny wedding speech?

This person is a storyteller – they are the light of the party wherever they go. And not just at parties, but everywhere.

Good storytelling helps you connect, engage and inspire, and an authentic, well-told story will always wow.

Let me show you how to make storytelling your new superpower.

Yamini Naidu is the world’s only economist turned business storyteller. Her clients rate her among the top business storytellers globally. She is on a quest to make everyone a better storyteller at work, play and home.