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Business Storytelling Examples, Business Storytelling for Leaders

Yamini’s style is highly engaging and in many ways enchanting, as she shares the secret power of storytelling through practical examples. I would highly recommend Yamini to anyone thinking about how to create greater engagement with their clients or employees.

Don Sillar

Head of Sales, ANZ Wealth


I can highly recommend the work of Yamini – the deep insights they bought to the table in relation to how Organisational Storytelling could transform my business were profound. After somewhat reluctantly implementing Organisational Story tools, I was almost shocked to find I was able to efficiently solve a business problem of getting my customers to understand complex new media technologies with the aid of a simple, yet well placed story.

Liza Boston

CEO, Soundhalo


Yamini is a fantastic storyteller with a passion for helping others communicate more effectively. It was a true pleasure to work with her.

Scot Chambers

Managing Director QPC


Yamini Naidu provides practical training on how to engage and motivate people… in ways that work. Some of the best training I have done.

Peter Talcko

General Manager Strategy, NAB


I was delighted with the work Yamini did with our organisation. By participating in the workshops , our Team Leaders learnt what a powerful tool storytelling can be in engaging with your people and ensuring that the right messages really hit home.

Paul Carter

Managing Director, Plum Financial Services


Yamini is the consummate professional. She tells a story like no other. You will find yourself inspired to step out of your old patterns and share your authentic story If you are looking for an amazing Keynote speaker who role models all that they espouse, then engage Yamini

Amanda Webb

General Manager Xplore for Success


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