Do you want to…

  • Connect, engage and inspire people?
  • Never hear the words ‘I still don’t get this’ again?
  • Move people to action?
  • Have people come on board - to invest emotionally?
  • Translate data so it’s compelling?
  • Have people understand and embrace the strategy?
  • Achieve personal and professional impact?

Then you are in the right place. We can help you with business storytelling.

Hmm, storytelling?

The word storytelling conjures up many images. Let’s clarify right here and now, the storytelling we are talking about is Business Storytelling. Storytelling with a purpose and for results.

Business storytelling is the practical application of appropriate, purposeful (on message) short stories in the work context. The stories support your data; they don’t take the place of data but add to it.

Here is a story shared by one of my clients.



My little five-year-old niece Maya walked into the house yesterday, holding a ripe apple in each hand. I thought this would be the perfect time to role model sharing! I asked her, ‘Maya, can I please have an apple?’ She looked at me and immediately bit into the apple in her right hand. Then just as quickly she took a bite out of the apple in her left hand. I was shocked. But before I could react she held out the apple in her left hand, saying, ‘Here aunty, take this one – it’s sweeter’. I’m sharing this because so often we jump to conclusions about people’s behaviour. Imagine if sometimes we took a step back and paused. The difference that could make for our customers.

– Bernadette Iskander


This is a great example of a business story. Iskander was thinking about how to give her team a different way of approaching their work. While it paid to be efficient with their decision making, sometimes they needed to step back, look again and perhaps re-evaluate things.

Pass on that advice, and it is Teflon – it simply won’t stick. People will agree with the idea, then immediately forget it. It will wash over them and away with all the other instruction and communication debris that floods their day.

A good story, on the other hand, is pure velcro.  When you share a story, people connect with it in the moment. With a story, your audience thinks about what you have said — and it sparks an ‘aha’ in their hearts and minds. What’s more, they understand, remember and will often retell it.


  • Business storytelling helps us to stop wasting time on the unnecessary (more PowerPoint-heavy presentation stacks, overloading our audiences with ever more information).
  • Storytelling gives us a different strategy that is fresh and relatable in business, so we are not condemned to putting in the hard yards and wondering why it’s not working.
  • And storytelling helps us avoid the drunkard’s search: it is not the most obvious or easiest place to look, but it will give us the richest rewards

I am an economist turned business storyteller and I work with leaders and business professionals helping them craft, find and share stories that connect, engage and inspire. Whatever you are trying to achieve in business, storytelling can help you get there faster… guaranteed!


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Business storytelling is the new superpower of the 21st century. It is the fuel that drives compelling results. The authentic, well-told story will always wow and you can learn how. Whatever it is you are trying to do in business, whether you are leading people, managing change, influencing the board or building your career — storytelling will help you… that’s a guarantee.

Discover stories from leaders like you, who have applied these simple steps and achieved career-defining business results. Storytelling is not a natural gift, but a skill you can learn.

Today stories are as critical as data. Data on its own is no longer enough when you want to influence and inspire. ‘Show me the money’ reinvents itself as ‘Tell me the story’. Are you ready for the storytelling revolution? This book is your first step.

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A police officer sees a drunken man intently searching the ground near a lamppost and asks him what he is looking for. The man replies that he is looking for his car keys, and the officer helps for a few minutes without success. Then the police officer asks the man whether he is certain he dropped the keys near the lamppost. ‘No,’ comes the reply, ‘I lost the keys somewhere across the street’. ‘Why look here then?’ asks the surprised and irritated officer. ‘The light is much better here,’ the intoxicated man responds as if stating the obvious.

Abraham Kaplan, the first philosopher to examine behavioral sciences systematically, referred to this as ‘the principle of the drunkard's search’, a type of observational bias that occurs when people search for something only where it is easiest to look.