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X Factor Redefined

June 30, 2023

What are the first images that flash into your head when you hear the words X factor? Maybe it’s a glossy TV show, a panel of judges, a gold statue?

On the podium stands a clear winner and two other finalists (trying to pretend they’re happy for the winner and fake smiling for the camera through their tears). An hour later no one can remember their names. Soon after that, in the sea of other reality TV shows, even the winner’s name is washed away, and apart from the occasional Kelly Clarkson or Guy Sebastian we seldom hear from them again.

Global Superstars
Or you might think of global superstars like Madonna or RuPaul whose X factor rests on their talent and fame. There’s a chicken and egg quality here. You can’t tell for sure if their X factor made them famous or fame came first. Either way, their X factor is so great that they are mononyms, known by a single name alone.

Distorted view
Traditionally, our X factor lens has been set on zoom. What we see is mega stardom and the debris of reality TV shows.

This zoom setting on our X factor lens distorts our view. The conventional idea that X factor is only for a handful of exceptional people is bullsh%t, done, finished, over.

The modern view
In my latest book https://yamininaidu.com.au/books/X Factor: Unleash your presenting superpower I will blow that myth wide open. There is now a modern X factor, and everyone, everyone, has X factor potential.

But first, let’s talk about you. Perhaps:

  • the idea of X factor intrigues you, and you’re keen to learn more and to discover your X factor
  • you want to scoff — X factor, you were born with it!
  • you want to compete on The X factor reality show

If you are a presenter, whether novice or master, and you are keen to discover and unleash your X factor, I welcome you with open arms. I also warmly welcome you if you’re a scoffer. I love a sceptic. I’ve thought about you as I wrote and tried to answer your questions. But do challenge the ideas here and play devil’s advocate. All I ask is that you keep an open mind and give the book a fair go. The results may surprise you.

This, my new book X Factor: Unleash your presenting Superpower is for all of you, though not so much if you’re hoping for an entrée to the reality TV show The X factor or its latest avatar. Stop looking for distractions, go off now and practise your talents, and good luck.

X Factor

Warning! This radical book is ONLY for presenters who want to achieve professional impact and business results. You don’t want to just present; you want to create an audience experience. With every presentation you want to transform people, organisations and what’s possible. This book is your first step.

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