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Unlocking the final 10%: How Your Hidden ‘X Factor’ Transforms Ordinary into Extraordinary

August 10, 2023

When I was at the PSA Convention in Adelaide a few years ago, I was intrigued by what the brilliant Vinh Giang shared. He broke down the impact of a presentation into:

  • 30% content, which if you’re an expert, you’ve got in the bag.
  • 30% delivery, which shapes how you connect with your audience.
  • 30% inspiration, and who doesn’t love storytelling and humour?
  • 10%?

What makes up the remaining 10%? It’s X factor. Vinh’s X factor is he uses magic on stage.

But why bother with just 10%? This 10% X factor is the difference between being another face in the crowd or being captivating, unforgettable, mesmerising.

The idea of X factor set my imagination on fire.

This spark would be on slow burn for a few years, fuelling everything I did.

I have dedicated the last 3 years to researching, studying and working with clients on their X factor. My research is conclusive, everyone has X factor potential.

My X factor quest has resulted in an X factor keynote, a masterclass and a book. Watch out, there may be a musical, a documentary and a Netflix series on the way!

In chaos theory, the butterfly effect refers to the way one small change can kick off a very large variation. A butterfly flapping its wings in Melbourne triggers a tsunami in South America.

That’s how I see X factor. An aspect of your presentation, yet it can bring about monumental shifts.

I’ve poured my findings into my latest book, “X Factor: Unleash your presenting superpower“. Dive in, and let’s discover your X factor together.

Check out my X factor keynote and masterclass offers to learn more.

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