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About your X factor…important news!

July 10, 2023

I’m standing in front of a room full of eager faces and I pop the question – Do you know what your X factor is?

And here’s what happens…

A whopping 90% of the room is just like, ‘Umm, clueless much?’ They’re either fuzzy or still trying to figure out their X factor.

Now, hold onto your seats, here comes the exciting part – I bring great news!

EVERYONE has X Factor potential. I have meticulously developed, researched, and tested a process that helps you discover and distil your X factor.

My clients tell me the process is simple, effective and delivers great results every time. In my latest book ‘X factor: Unleash your presenting Superpower’, I guide you towards crafting your X factor as a statement that embodies three ideas that represent you. My example, ‘the world’s only economist turned Bollywood-dancing business storyteller’.

This X Factor statement expresses who you are in a way that is individual, memorable and original.
This is like your personal tag line, your superpower, your story in a sentence.

I guarantee that if today you are fuzzy, or still finding your X factor, by the end of my book you will be frolicking in X factor!

If you are already frolicking in X factor? You are smart enough to know that there’s always more to learn!

Do you know what your X factor is? Are you fuzzy, finding or frolicking? Please let me know in the comments.

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X Factor

Warning! This radical book is ONLY for presenters who want to achieve professional impact and business results. You don’t want to just present; you want to create an audience experience. With every presentation you want to transform people, organisations and what’s possible. This book is your first step.

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