Where Will Storytelling Be 1 Year From Now? 

June 12, 2017

You can’t throw a stone without hitting a storytelling consultant today. Yet, I remember a lot of blank stares when we co-founded Australia’s first storytelling company 10 years ago. Our first 18 months were spent answering questions from puzzled people, such as ‘How can you storytell in business?’ and ‘Aren’t storytellers natural?’

Yes, we know today you can storytell in business, and you should if you want to connect with and engage your audience. However, storytelling is not a natural gift, but everyone can learn how to get better at it.

It’s wonderful to see how, in just the last decade, business storytelling has become established as essential in both business and leadership. It is widely taught across the globe and part of most leadership development programs. This then begs the question, what’s next for business storytelling?

We are going to experience a tsunami of storytelling across all platforms, digital media and sectors—marketing, advertising and professional services, just to name a few. In addition to data, stories are going to become de rigueur. Nobody is going to buy or be persuaded to change simply based on data.

‘Show me the money’ is going to be reinvented as ‘Tell me the story.’  Google’s own ad on search is a wonderful example of this. Already there is a recognition that storytelling is the fuel that drives compelling engagement face to face and on social media.

In turn, this means our audiences are going to be much more discerning. The authentic, well-told story will wow. Spin passed off as stories will incur well-deserved wrath. Social media will amplify success and failure.

So, where will storytelling be one year from now? Here’s my snapshot view:

  • More competition—everyone will be doing it across industries and in roles from leadership to marketing
  • Audiences will be more discerning and more vocal
  • This is the biggie – There will be a chasm between good, bad and ugly storytelling

So, how are you preparing for this storytelling revolution?

Please share, I love hearing from you.

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