Small doors open into large rooms

September 28, 2015

Small DoorsThe 1999 movie, The Hurricane, was based on the true story of Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter.
Carter, a talented American/Canadian boxer, was twice controversially convicted of – and imprisoned for –
the same murder.
In the movie, his character says: “He who bemoans the lack of opportunity, forgets that small doors many times open up into large rooms.”
Sometimes the small things can make a big impact. So many of my clients work with thousands of other employees in large office towers in the city.
They share the lift with relative strangers, but strangers with whom they already have one vital connection: they all work for the same organisation. Each of these employees represents an opportunity to connect and engage in their
work and yours.
Mega-conglomerate, Google, spends vast sums on its workspaces, realising the power of people working face-to-face in common spaces.
They call it the power of the bump factor. People bumping into each other in the gym, in lifts, and the corridor strengthens the potential for collaboration, and for ideas to seed and grow.
One of the first and perhaps most controversial initiatives Marissa Mayer took as CEO of Yahoo was dismantling the well-entrenched telecommuting practice. She did so partly because of evidence it was being abused, but also to promote the power of people working face-to-face, and to give the organic bump factor a giant boost.
You will be delighted with the synergies and opportunities you find when you build those bridges and connections. What small doors are you going to open today?

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