From resolution to reality: Make 2015 your year to shine

January 21, 2015

imagesNew Years come loaded with promise: the promise of fresh starts and new beginnings.  I personally love new beginnings: sunrises, that first cup of coffee – you get the drift.  New Years however can be epic new starts, often pre-loaded with both optimism and cynicism.  After all, research indicates a mere 8% of people achieve their resolutions!

So how can we make 2015 different? Here are some novel ways of making 2015 rock.

Define the year with a theme: If you were to have a theme word for 2015 what would it be?  My mentor, Robi Mack, has Bold as her professional theme and Forgive as her personal theme.  Thinking in terms of a theme word for the year sets your intent and actions for the year without strait-jacketing you into rigid goal-setting.

On another note this is what entrepreneur James Clear suggests.  He says focus on systems that help you succeed.  So if you want to write a book, set up a system that makes you write every day, for example.  Sometimes just focusing on the goals can be overwhelming.  Would a systems approach work for you?

Finally, make it fun!  If there’s anything we learnt from the mega-successful ice bucket challenge last year it was public accountability and fun deliver results in bucket loads (excuse the pun!).

Here’s wishing you a mega successful year.

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