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The Most Important Presentation Success Secret No One shares

April 8, 2024

‘So, what do you think?’ my barista Robin* asks me as he hands me my coffee.
Robin’s gearing up for his first-ever best man’s speech. Every morning, he tests snippets of his speech on me, seeking tips and tricks because speaking is my thing.

And of course, I’m happy to help–this is Melbourne. Everyone likes to keep their barista happy!

But what makes a difference with every keynote and presentation I make is the philosophy that guides me.

This is possibly the most unsexy advice you could ever receive. Are you ready for it?
It is the idea of abhyasa: a Sanskrit word meaning ‘taking a deep seat in practice’. Show up and do the work and practice. It may be unexciting advice, but no matter how gifted, quick-thinking and spontaneous you are, you will always do better if you are well-prepared.

There are three essentials to abhyasa:

• practice without interruption

• practice for a longer time, and

• remain committed to the practice even when things are tough.

I’m still work in progress on all three!

Abhyasa lets you roll with the punches on the day of your presentation, accepting that sometimes stuff goes wrong. Abhyasa is how you get confident as a presenter.

Abhyasa guarantees making you a shiny, elevated, best version of yourself.

Even if you didn’t use the word, when have you committed to abhyasa?

PS: *It is such a Melbourne story that begins with my barista. I have noticed my coffee is even better than normal now. Like a 12 /10! Just observing.

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