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How can you captivate your virtual audience?

June 29, 2023

The answer surprisingly does not always involve more tech, whizz-bang apps or bells and whistles but getting some basics right first.

A joy to join @Warwick Merry CSP, the Professional Speakers Australia (PSA) resident Virtual Expert (and all-around good guy) to explore some answers and skills for virtual presenting. One of Warwick’s key insights is to get the basics right first.

So here they are:

1.   Respect the holy trinity of good lighting, composition (think like a newsreader when you position yourself in the frame) and audio. And wait there’s a bonus 4th – learn to look down the barrel of the camera so you connect with your audience. This takes practice.

2.   The eternal dilemma – should you stand or sit? The answer it depends on what works for you and your audience. Focus on giving the right energy – your presentation is an energy transfer

3.   Be yourself – but amplified. Don’t overdo it! You on 1 coffee, not 2 coffees😅

4.   You can’t force fun (what!), but look for ways to work with what you have and the context to create humour and lightness

5.   No one wants an event ‘done to them’ but with them. Involve your audience more, use break out rooms, draw on the wisdom in the room, and don’t forget to debrief after people come back from a breakout room

 What else would you add to this list (and keep it tech free!)?

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