With thanks and gratitude: A love letter for you!

June 23, 2015

9781118637623.pdfA knock on the door. A courier presents a large brown box. What could it be? I eagerly open the box and find copies of the second printing of our book, Hooked.

But wait – there’s more. This new version of Hooked has a bestseller sticker on it:  YIPEEEEEE. My amazing co-author, Gabrielle Dolan, and I have now joined the bestseller list in Australia!

While our names are on the cover of Hooked, it’s moments like these that make me reflect on how many people it takes to create a book.

For example, not one word would have been possible without my wonderful clients. Your stories bring our story to life. Thank you and thank you again.

Also batting in our court are the too-often-unsung editorial and publishing talents, Lucy Raymond, Kristen Hammond, and all the team at John Wiley & Sons, our publishers. Love and gratitude also goes to my mentors Pete Cook and Matt Church for their encouragement and belief! And, a big thank you to our supportive family and friends, for being with us through the highs and lows, and to everyone who bought the book and wrote glowing recommendations online.

Sometimes I wear my heart on my sleeve, and this is one of those times. Thank you for celebrating this special milestone with me.

With love and gratitude,





PS: And for those of you who haven’t yet bought the book, what are you waiting for?!

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