How much does a hipster weigh?

Black-and-Whited-FixedI received an email this week asking ‘How much does a hipster weigh’.  This was intriguing enough for me to click through. The email was from the gorgeous Studio Pennant designers announcing their move to hipster central in Fitzroy!  What a clever way to announce moving instead of the clichéd ‘We are moving’.

A 21st century business skill is definitely being able to craft compelling email subject lines so your email stands out in overflowing in boxes and gets read and actioned.

To grab attention craft your email subject like a newspaper headline.   One of Seth Godin’s recent posts is titled ‘The rotten fish problem’.  You want to read more immediately, or is that just me?

Play on words and be inspired by popular culture.  There’s a book out on sheds, that is right sheds.  And it is titled ’50 Sheds of Grey’, a clever play on the blockbuster book ‘50 Shades of Grey’.  And of course the actual message in your email must match the subject line, otherwise people feel duped.

Email subject headings need some TLC so people read instead of hitting delete.  So how much does a hipster weigh?  I’m guessing somewhere between a cup of perfectly brewed, single origin, fair trade coffee and a fixie bike.

Would love to hear your thoughts on hipsters and email subject lines…


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