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What is going to shift for you in 2014?  I have started 2014 on an introspective note, thinking what do I want to shift personally, professionally and if this is not too grandiose in the world.  This is confronting but I am going to put it out there!

Personally I want 2014 to be my year of fitness and professionally I want to hone my craft as a speaker (both of these turn out to be linked).  I am also getting the help I need to make these shifts happen.

So just this morning with my personal trainer James Rose, I  put down a goal for a half marathon in October this year.  We have identified a 10km run and a 15 km run as milestones that will help me get ‘half marathon’ ready.

As some of you might know, I already speak for a living, but when Steven Jobs said ‘stay hungry, stay foolish’, I have always felt he meant this specifically for speakers and leaders.  With speaking I have enrolled in Matt Church’s Speakership program, which runs through most of 2014 and is considered one of the best programs globally.  Matt also talks about being ‘speaker fit’ so the best speakers have to be at their peak physically and mentally.  The half marathon is looking important in the scheme of things!  I am also looking forward to my whole half marathon experience for great stories to use when I am speaking.

I am still grappling with what I want to shift in the world, as it can be overwhelming. I don’t think I have an easy answer to this but have begun the year by supporting the work of Alexie Seller and the inspiring team at Pollinate Energy, a group of young Australians creating sustainable products for the urban poor in India.  Currently they focus on energy solutions, but are looking to grow this.

What about you?  What do you want to shift personally, professionally and in the world for 2014?  I would love to hear from you.

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    Great topic Yamini.
    In 2014 I’d like to shift the perception that children diagnosed with autism are full of challenges to a perception that they are full of strengths. Its a topic I am passion about and have taken some small steps in the past – but its time to take some giant leaps.
    Good luck making shift happen.

    • Yamini Naidu

      Thank you Roger and all the very best in making this shift happen. A cause that is close to my heart as well.

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    Thank you Yamini for the opportunity to reflect on what are my goals for 2014 and what do I want to shift personally and professionally? I’m very much a waste troll, what does that mean? It means I’m always looking at how I can and how I can help other businesses to reduce the waste going to landfill. I’m currently establishing a waste recovery enterprise to recover ESPs (ie Styrofoam) to be re- used, working with manufacturers, retailers and disability organisations. We are already recovering spent coffee grounds from local cafes and restaurants and produced a garden product called Coffee for Garden We are also looking at food waste recovery as well.
    So what do I want to shift personally and professionally? The brick walls I encounter when you want to make changes. The mindset of business owners and employees to start being willing to and responsive to waste recovery initiatives because in the long run we will all benefit. So if anyone is interested in this please contact me.

    • Yamini Naidu

      Teresa I love a good waste troll! Thank you for sharing and wish you every success in shifting the brick walls you encounter. Storytelling is definitely an influence skill that will help you:)
      You might also already know or want to connect with Mark Henderson the CEO of espresso grow who create organic fertiliser made from ground coffee
      Best wishes

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    Well done on your first 2014 Blog post, Great title,interesting and thought provoking.
    I want to shift 61Kgs this year, I have set this as a goal to reach by my next birthday(a big one with a zero in it) in November.

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