Who else wants to know Seinfeld’s secret to success?

Jerry SeinfeldJerry Seinfeld was paid mega dollars to present his success secrets at a leadership conference.  Apparently he mounted the stage stairs on the right and wrote 3 words on a big white board that had been set up in the centre of the stage and exited stage left.  Seinfeld had written ‘DO THE WORK’!

3 simple words and his secret to success.  So what stops us from sometimes doing the work?  I know what stops me.  Sometimes it’s good old procrastination.  One strategy I have learnt over the years is to tell myself ‘OK I will only do 10 minutes and stop’.  This tricks me into starting which can often be the hardest part, and of course after 10 minutes I have momentum so tend not to stop.  Another strategy that I have learnt is to buddy up with someone.  Whether this is going for a run or on a work project, it helps keep you accountable.  In fact we used this exact strategy to write and complete our first book in record time!

Peter Cook my mentor and  a Thought Leader on implementation – on projects that matter, says identify where you are weakest, is it in starting, continuing or completing the work and have strategies in place that help you.

What strategies do you use to ‘Do the work’?  Please comment, I would love to hear what works for you.


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  • Shirley Allen

    Yamini, I am an 84yr old retired business owner. I belong to a small Speaking Club in a country town and am actively engaged in volunteer work. I will never be a client in the business sense (your advice would have been so handy in the past) but I have really enjoyed and found helpful, all the communications you two young women have sent. I hope you will still keep me on your lists.
    Congratulations on your achievements as a pair and i am sure success will follow as you each pursue your particular
    I strengths.
    Best wishes for the Festive Season and the years ahead.

    • Yamini Naidu

      Shirley so wonderful to hear from you always, you inspire us. Many thanks for your good wishes and look forward to staying in touch. Every good wish for the festive season and the New Year.

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