Driving through the skid…

April 1, 2014

skid marksMy client Dee tripped on her way to stage to deliver a presentation.  The audience gasped and Dee immediately stood up and said ‘Things can only get better’ and everyone laughed and there was even a smattering of applause at her recovery.

Taxes and death are two guarantees in life, and I will add a third ‘Skids happen’.  While I can’t help you with the first two, I was given a new frame about dealing with the last. Setbacks and how to recover from them.  In my gym boxing class when boxing you come back to neutral position called reset.  Bring both your gloves together before you go off on your next round.  A mental mantra I use to reset, to drive through the skid is ‘The only thing I can control is my response, so let me chose my response’.

Sometime our default position when things go pear shaped can be negative.  So often when one thing goes wrong, people often respond by saying ‘Bad things always happen in 3’.  Imagine replacing that with Dee’s version ‘Things can only get better’.  What are your strategies for driving through the skids of life?  I would love to hear your thoughts.

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