Do you have a TED talk in you?

October 27, 2015

QMDo you have a big idea to share and a compelling story to tell?

Are you passionate about voicing the big ‘why’ behind what you do to inspire your tribe?

Would your organisation or business benefit greatly from your own powerful TED-like talk to be filmed in front of a live audience?

Then join us at Talk on Purpose. Transform your speaking and storytelling skills for life, and get your story seen and heard by those that matter.

Early bird finishes soon so please register here.

Access 101 Story Ideas

Explore the depths of your imagination as you immerse yourself in tales of love, loss, triumph, and transformation. Each story idea is a springboard to craft your unique masterpiece, infusing your voice and perspective to make it truly your own. Let these story ideas be the stepping stones to your next business success.

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