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3 Secrets to Conquering Your Next Mountain

January 22, 2024

Happy New Year! 🎉 Ready to conquer 2024?

What is one commitment you have made to yourself for 2024?

I’m diving headfirst into the world of the 1000 steps every Sunday. Picture this a bush walk in a lush rainforest, with steep trails and breathtaking views.

So, what’s the vibe like on my micro-holidays every Sunday? I leave home by 6 am and usually hit the steps by 6:30 am. It’s a date with nature that lasts about an hour or so – depending on the track I choose. I’m back home by 9, feeling like I’ve conquered the world (or at least my little corner of it).

Three secrets keep me going: first up, consistency. Come rain or shine, I’m there every Sunday, no matter how late I partied the night before! The second spice? The challenge. Those 1000 steps with their altitude quirks and steep tracks keep me on my toes. Plus, there’s always room for experimentation on different trails, making it a challenge that never gets old.

But here’s the secret sauce – the casual camaraderie of fellow warriors, huffing, and puffing, but always cheerful, calling out ‘good morning’ as we conquer the steps together. It’s these connections, the smiles, the shared moments that make it more than just a workout.

And of course, there’s being immersed in nature, the great outdoors, breaking free from the routine – it’s my weekly therapy session.

I’ll keep you in the loop on this journey through the year. What’s your big commitment for 2024? Let’s make it a year of conquering mountains, big or small! 🚀

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