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How to Have 100 Successful Lunches with Strangers

May 6, 2024

You get an invitation to lunch, via a LinkedIn Message. And the invitation is from a stranger. How would you respond?

Now imagine being super shy and only having 3 friends. Then after 12 years, you decide to change this, and boldly. This is Kaley Chu‘s story and why she launched a mission to have 100 lunches with strangers.

Initially, it was downright nerve-wracking—reaching out on LinkedIn and inviting strangers to lunch. Kaley faced a staggering 90% rejection rate, yet she persevered.

Her audacious mission captured widespread attention, leading to extensive media coverage, a published book, and a memorable TEDx talk.

Today, Kaley shines as one of Australia’s fastest-rising motivational speakers!

I recently had the honour of hosting an X Factor masterclass at her emerging speakers Bootcamp. The experience gave me goosebumps, this vibrant community exuded energy, enthusiasm, and deep engagement. It was inspiration in action.

This is what Kaley messaged me after the event ‘Thank you so much for today Yamini. The group loved you! One person even said this was 10 out of 1. Hahahahaha. You blew their mind with your storytelling and tech and just your beautiful energy and personality‘.

Would you like me to present my X Factor keynote or masterclass for your team? Let’s chat.

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