Only the real thing can do – Business storytelling for leaders

September 26, 2010

Business StorytellingRecently we were leading a storytelling workshop at the Department of Justice and Darren Whitelaw, General Manager, Corporate Communication shared this story:

‘Last month I had the opportunity to travel overseas and was looking forward to it as it would be a break from the routine.

When I was overseas, my wife set up our laptop on my daughter’s breakfast table and I talked to my daughter daily via web cam.  My wife told me that once when the lap top was lying shut on the sofa, my daughter picked it up and hugged it and said ‘Daddy’.  That moved me and I realised that sometimes in life you can substitute the real thing but sometimes only the real thing can do.

I am sharing this with you as it reminds us that every day we have that same choice as communicators. We can send out emails or we can go out and talk to our people face to face because sometimes only the real thing can do…’

This is a great story for storytelling and hopefully it will spark one of your own.  For more stories for storytelling check out Bruce Springsteen and Customer Service


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