Dogs in sinks AKA a new customer service story

June 6, 2011

I am on the market for a laundry sink.  Recently we spotted a sink we both liked but my husband who has the spatial skill set in the family was uncertain if our dog Ace could fit in it.  No please do not ring the RSPCA yet, but be warned a moment of TMI (Too Much Information) follows.

We wash our dog Ace, in our laundry sink.  After measuring the sink and then returning home to measure our dog we were still unsure.  The next time we were the store we again agonised over the sink.  This time a salesperson overheard us and interjected to say ‘ We want to be sure you will be happy with your sink, so please bring your dog in’.  So early on Monday morning I took a freshly brushed for the occassion Ace to the showroom and trotted with him inside.  The assistant held Ace while I took a photo to email my husband and viola – perfect sink, and perfect fit for our dog, the true end customer.  Another salesperson who was there said as a joke ‘Now I have seen everything!’.

Now I have the perfect sink for my dog and a perfect customer service story to share in business to cup runneth over!

Have you got an ace customer service story? Please comment.

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