Bruce Springsteen and Customer Service?

Business StorytellingEarlier this month we conducted a workshop in Melbourne and this is where Matt Ritchie, National Manager, Sales Strategy & Delivery at MLC Advice Product shared this story:

‘I was recently reading a magazine that featured an interview with Bruce  Springsteen.  Bruce Springsteen has been a musician and performer for over 20 years and has a tremendous reputation as a live act.  The interviewer asked him how he kept up his motivation to deliver night after night.  To which Springsteen replied “It was when I realised that, while for me, every night is a “Bruce Springsteen concert night” there are 1000’s of people in the audience, who have spent their money to see a Bruce Springsteen concert maybe for the first and only time in their lives.   They may only come to one Bruce Springsteen concert in their life and I want to give them the best ever Bruce Springsteen experience. And thats what keeps me going night after night”.  

Reading that reminded me of  us at work every day.  While we might take hundreds of calls, for  a customer who rings us, that might be the only contact they have with MLC, this might be the only “Bruce Springsteen concert” they go to.  Imagine the difference we can make if every time  our customers got the full Bruce Springsteen experience…’

The story struck a chord with everyone in the group and what a powerful and memorable frame for thinking about, and delivering customer service – the  Bruce Springsteen experience.

We are sharing this with you to illustrate that telling a personal story (and as you can see from this one it does not have to be the most revealing personal moment in your life) and linking it back to a business message can be really refreshing and powerful in business.

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  • Leander

    I’m passionate about ‘Service’ beyond just Customer Service .. the essence of “Giving” … of our Energy, our Passion, our Focus.

    I love the imagery of Bruce Springsteen ‘in service’ to his audience .. his fans. He is a great man.

    (Just to add, I just read an article this morning that mentioned Bruce backed a local campaign called ‘Feed Melbourne’ and asked his audience at Rod Laver Arena to donate to this worthy cause – they ensure that perfectly edible food waste from restaurants, supermarkets, etc. are distributed to local food relief charities to assist fellow Melbournites that go hungry.)

    What a great ‘Boss’. 🙂

    • Yamini Naidu

      Wonderful to see how a story like this can create connections on many levels, through imagery and how it is congruent with what you already know about Bruce Springsteen. A wonderful metaphor to think about exceptional customer service.

  • Gareth Sambrook

    When I worked @ the Supreme Court, a colleague there made exactly that point to me regarding the regular admission of new lawyers that we ran. While they were ‘regular’ for us, for those being admitted, it represented a once in a lifetime event for the lawyers & this message was what inspired us to keep up our customer service & strive to do our best…

    • Yamini Naidu

      Thanks Gareth it is interesting to see keeping this perspective in mind can make such a difference to the whole customer experience.

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