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Unlocking Keynote Magic – your one guaranteed way to connect, engage & inspire

November 30, 2023

Absolutely thrilled to present not one, but two keynotes at The Business BluePrint Conference!

🚀 X Factor: Unleashing Your Business Superpower and diving deep into the art of Storytelling for connection, engagement, and inspiration.

For me in over 15 years of keynote speaking, I’ve learnt a keynote isn’t a monologue; it’s a curated, insightful, interactive conversation.

Here are not just one but three guaranteed ways to connect, engage and inspire any audience.

  1. Get the audience not just listening but talking and sharing—groups, one-on-one, the whole shebang. NO matter the size of the audience.

  2. Embrace movement—yes, we’re keeping it dynamic. Get them on their feet, moving in the room, pairing with someone they haven’t yet met etc

  3. Bollywood Dancing to lock in those key insights. What would your version of this be? How can you make your key points memorable and sticky?

Learning, laughter, and unabashed fun? 100% – even if I do say so myself!

🤔What are YOUR non-negotiables when it comes to presentations?

Huge thanks to @DaleBueamont and the stellar Business Blueprint team for orchestrating a conference that’s nothing short of brilliance! 🙌 #KeynoteMagic #BusinessBlueprintConference

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