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I asked ChatGPT about Business Storytelling

May 1, 2024

Have you been using ChatGPT? OMG – How amazing is it? Now I know how our ancestors felt when they discovered fire. I know, I know this is the honeymoon period…And also that AI stands for Average Information!

One of the first questions I asked ChatGPT (OK to call you Chat? Feel we are buddies now), was ‘What do leaders want to know about storytelling?’. And the response:

Leaders want to know about storytelling to understand its potential impact on their organizations. Here are some of the key things that leaders typically want to know about storytelling:

  1. The benefits: Leaders want to understand the advantages of using storytelling in the workplace, such as improved communication, enhanced employee engagement, and a stronger brand identity.
  2. How to effectively tell a story: Leaders want to learn about the key elements of a good story, how to create and deliver a compelling narrative, and how to use storytelling to achieve specific business goals.
  3. Best practices and techniques: Leaders want to know about the latest techniques and best practices for storytelling, including how to use storytelling in different contexts (e.g. presentations, marketing materials, etc.).
  4. Measuring success: Leaders want to understand how to measure the impact of storytelling and determine whether their storytelling efforts are having the desired effect.
  5. Integration with other business strategies: Leaders want to know how storytelling can be integrated with other key business strategies, such as brand building, employee engagement, and marketing.

This is good news, as the success measures have remained constant over the last 15 years. The benefits, how to craft a story, how to best practice, measuring success, and integration should apply to most new initiatives. Great answers Chat! And this is my work and what I do best.

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