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Unlock this easy power for Business Storytelling Magic

September 7, 2023

Do you have to be creative to be a storyteller?

 Perhaps if you work in Hollywood, but not in business storytelling.

You don’t need to be the next Spielberg to master it. In fact, the less Hollywood, the better!

Business storytelling isn’t about crafting a blockbuster, it’s about curating relatable experiences.

Think small to win big. Share the mundane yet magical moments—like that awkward encounter at the grocery store or the time you forgot your kid’s lunch on the first day of school. These everyday stories are your goldmine. Why?

Because they resonate deeply. Your audience sees themselves in your story. They invest in your story emotionally, reliving their own experiences through yours.

Business storytelling is less about the grandiose and more about the granular.

It’s not about impressing people; it’s about pressing into the emotional and relatable aspects of everyday life. When you do that, you’re not just a voice; you’re a mirror. You reflect the experiences, hopes, and fears of your audience. That’s when the magic happens. That’s when you move from storytelling to story-living, a shared journey that turns your audience into co-pilots, rather than passengers.

So, the next time you’re gearing up to share a story, remember it’s not about the spectacle, it’s about the shared experience. Go every day, and guarantee that:

Your audience won’t just hear you, they will feel you

Your audience won’t just observe you; they’ll become part of your story

Your audience won’t just listen; they’ll live it with you.

To learn how to craft stories that connect, engage and inspire, check out my masterclasses and let’s connect.

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