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Simple, easy and fast ways to find your next story

September 13, 2023

A King in ancient Persia once proclaimed himself as the finest archer in the land. The King travelled through his kingdom with an army announcing this. In the last village, they encountered a barn wall adorned with arrows. Each arrow having expertly struck the center of a bull’s eye.

The King stopped the procession. His minister (of finance) counted the arrows. They counted 100 arrows that had hit a hundred bulls’ eyes. The king commanded his soldiers and go and find the archer.

The soldiers soon returned with an aged, frail farmer. The farmer confirmed he was the archer, revealing his secret technique: ‘Your Highness, I shoot the arrow first and then draw the bullseye around it!’

This very principle guides my work in helping clients discover impactful stories for business.

You have lived a rich life. You have a quiver full of arrows/stories/experiences.

To use these personal experiences as business stories, you must land them on a message. Find the story first and then work out the message. This is THE success secret in storytelling. It is also the simplest, easiest and fastest way to find your next story.

An alternative method is to start with a message first and then go hunting for a story. However, my extensive 15-plus year experience working with leaders worldwide establishes that this much, much harder to do.

It is much easier to think of the story first and then give it a purpose or message. It is so simple and fast I guarantee it as the best method for finding your next story!

Your life is an archive of experiences waiting to be transformed into compelling stories. By drawing meaningful bull’s eyes around your experiences, you can captivate any audience.

🤔What remarkable stories lie within your quiver of experiences?

If you want to master business storytelling, I would love to work with you.

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