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My latest gooey sin

May 29, 2024

I have just baked the most fudgy, finger-licking bliss, can’t stop at one slice, chocolate brownie.

But I can’t take any credit, or very little for my culinary masterpiece. I followed a perfect recipe that guarantees the world’s best chocolate brownies. You can even choose how gooey you want it. Fudgy but moist in the middle or even cake-like (cake-like-brownie, really? Eat cake people!).

The recipe is by Nagi, who writes one of the most popular food blogs on the internet – RecipeTin Eats.

I’m a huge Nagi fan and it’s not just because her recipes are so good and work every time. I feel I know her. She shares stories about her life on Sydney’s north shores with her cheeky golden retriever, Dozer.

As a storyteller, Nagi understands the difference between vulnerability and oversharing.

In my storytelling masterclasses, this is my clients’ biggest fear with storytelling. When sharing personal stories, you worry about inappropriate disclosure.

Oversharing can unsettle your audience or even make them cringe. After all, it is storytelling, not group therapy. At work, no one wants to be like that friend on Facebook who overshares.

The paradox is that successful storytelling requires vulnerability.

It is contradictions like this that make storytelling much harder than it looks.

To borrow from Warren Buffet, who said about investing but applies 100% to storytelling, ‘It’s simple, but not easy.’

Making it easy is my job. If you want to learn how to story tell, to connect, engage and inspire any audience, I can show you exactly how. I have the recipe for storytelling success.

If you are implementing complex change but meeting resistance and finding it hard to persuade your people, please reach out. In 15 minutes, I can share the three kinds of stories you need to shift behaviour for successful, long-lasting change.

After our call, you will have all the information you need to consider a possible solution and will be under no obligation to do anything!

Even if storytelling won’t work for you, after 15 years in the business, there is an excellent chance that I can point you to someone or something that would.

Please reach out. I’m offering a 15-minute consultation only from Monday June 3rd, to June 7th, 2024.

And here’s a link to that chocolate brownie recipe too.


Photo by Patricia Cimpan on Unsplash

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