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Unmasking The Thrill: Why Baby Reindeer Is the Best Thing!

April 22, 2024

Baby Reindeer OMG! OMG! OMG! Who else has seen Netflix’s latest series?

It is a white-knuckle, nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat, genre busting psycho stalker thriller drama. Don’t worry, no spoilers follow.

I confess I binged the whole thing in one insane session. It’s that good! I couldn’t look away for a split second. I watched the last episode in my car as we hurtled to a friend’s house for dinner. No, I wasn’t driving!

But I’m a storyteller, I claim this is pure academic research.

What makes this eerie drama so addictive, especially in the age of TikTok-sized attention spans?

  • Captivating storytelling that dives into the deep, seamy underbelly of human existence?
  • The fact that it is also humorous, and sarcastic, and leaves you both broken and hopeful.
  • The brilliant casting, acting (fangirling you Jessica Gunning), and direction?

What makes Baby Reindeer so powerful is the first line on screen – This is a true story.

The power of the truth in storytelling – nothing compares. No matter how difficult, dangerous or dark the truth.

Knowing that it is a true story is like a King Hit to your guts. Straight after watching, I buried myself in YouTube videos and started madly googling to find out more. It’s that gripping.

I’m making an early call. This will be one of the top 5 series for 2024. And, really going out on a limb here – in all ‘top series’ lists ever made.

But viewer warning- Contains confronting graphic material.

And if you plan to watch it, write the rest of your evening/weekend off. It’s that good, I promise. It will also put you off doing kind deeds for the rest of your life…now you will have to watch it to find out why.

Photo by Dima-Solomin for Unsplash

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