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How to Find the marvellous in the everyday

April 10, 2024

A mouse runs over her foot in a pitch-black room. A piercing scream and bang the lights turn on.

But this was no ordinary room, it was a darkroom for developing photos. This was Paris in the 1920s and this single action by the artist Lee Miller could have destroyed hundreds of photos. But through this happy accident, she and photographer Man Ray discovered a new photography technique, solarization.

This is where an image’s black and white hues are reversed. This creates a halo-like effect. And no animals were harmed in their discovery!

Yesterday I enjoyed visiting Heide Museum’s exhibition featuring Lee Miller’s captivating works. American-born photographer Lee Miller is one of the most original photographers of the 21st century. Her photographs are surreal and evocative.

Before she knew about the term, Lee Miller was described as a surrealist. Head Curator Kendrah Morgan says, ‘Miller had the incredible ability to find the marvellous in the everyday. Miller makes us look at the world from a different perspective…showing it in a spirit of bravery and empathy.’

While I’m not a surrealist this line gave me goosebumps. Storytelling and sharing stories of everyday experiences is how my clients and I find the marvellous in the everyday.

Like Miller’s discovery of solarization, storytelling can illuminate new perspectives and evoke powerful emotions.

Story Mastery

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