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What would you really like to know about storytelling?

March 17, 2021

Peter Sellers! I love Peter Sellers. Just yesterday I was re watching a YouTube clip from one of the Pink Panther movies where he plays Inspector Clouseau. Finding a large dog sprawled across the hallway of a hotel, he asks the hotelkeeper, ‘Does your dog bite?’

The hotelkeeper replies, ‘No’. Peter Sellers reaches down to pat the dog and, wham, the dog attacks him! Peter Sellers turns to the man and says, ‘I thought you said your dog does not bite’. The man replies, ‘That is NOT my dog’.

So much of our success in life depends on asking the right people, the right question.

After 15 years (begs for a joke here, doesn’t it?) of sending out newsletters, I have been feeling 😥stuck with my writing. I decided to go back to the purpose of my newsletters. I have one purpose, and one purpose only. This newsletter serves you my subscribers. I wouldn’t suggest, I don’t also let you know about new books, programs and wins🙏🏽 But the core purpose has remained the same all through the mists of time.

So, who better to ask? Please comment, what would you really like to know about storytelling?

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