What do you do every day, that sparks joy? Number 1 Work & Life secret

January 31, 2019

Confession time! Who else is hooked on The Netflix original series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. Unless you have been hiding under a rock you probably know this Queen of Clean is revolutionising the way we look at our stuff. She advocates only keeping what ‘sparks joy’.

This simple joy test helps people de clutter with a new mindset. Kondo exudes calm and is literally a joy to watch. I don’t think I’m the only person who rewinds repeatedly to the bit where she shows what sparking joy looks like. ‘Ting’ she says, her whole body quivering. This has sparked a whole range of funny & dark ‘spark joy’ memes.

While Kondo focuses on organising, I have extended the ‘spark joy’ palette out into life and work. What do you do every day that sparks joy? Doesn’t have to be spectacular. It could be as simple as looking forward to that first cup of perfectly brewed coffee, or kicking a football in the park with your kids.

For me my morning routine (daily journaling, meditation and exercise before any technology) sparks joy. I also have designed what I secretly call Joy breaks for my working day. Walking in the park, Looking at art, meeting a friend for coffee. Totally get there’s place for spontaneity, you are doing something you love and feel the ‘ting’, but sometimes you have to plan for joy. Not detailed excel spread sheet kind of planning, but some level of thought and making the time.

What in your work sparks joy? We can immediately think of lots of examples that don’t–overlong meetings, yet another tough conversation with a team member, spam emails. It takes a deliberate effort to consider and then load up your workday with more joy. For me it’s reading, writing, designing content and speaking. I know if I am doing at least 2 of these 4, I am going ‘Ting’!

What makes you go ‘Ting’? and how are you planning to bring more joy into work and life? Please share I love hearing from you.

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