Business storytelling best tip―go personal

September 5, 2017

Business storytelling is defined as storytelling with a purpose and for results. But, sadly, sometimes the very word ‘business’ in business storytelling can do it a disservice. The term ‘business storytelling’ makes people assume that all your stories have to be about business. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Let’s face it, most business stories (hmmm, there is no polite way to say this) are boring! Some of your stories can be about business, yours or others. It’s important, however, to make some of your stories personal.

Business storytelling is about humanising us—allowing us to make an H2H (human to human connection) at work. There is no more powerful yet simple way to do this than through personal stories. You can occasionally use business stories, but successful storytellers know to always go personal.

Story Mastery

Discover stories from leaders like you, who have applied these simple steps and achieved career-defining business results. Storytelling is not a natural gift, but a skill you can learn.

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