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The Power of Nostalgia in Storytelling

July 4, 2023
Nostalgia in business storytelling is powerful. Here are 3 tips on using it well.…
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Busting the 3 Most Common Storytelling Myths

June 13, 2012
What are the 3 most common storytelling myths and how do you bust them? Here’s some storytelling myth busting.…
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MORE Leadership Lessons from ‘The Voice’!

June 1, 2012
Leadership is about asking questions, its about finding greatness within. All this from an episode of The Voice…
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Connect or you are dead! Killer communication tips

May 16, 2012
Learn how to connect with people quickly and fast?…
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The Plumbing and Poetry of Presentations

May 14, 2012
To be an inspiring presenter you need both plumbing and poetry.…
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Leadership lessons from Seal and ‘The Voice’…really!

April 26, 2012
How can you learn to be a persuasive communicator like Seal?…
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Stop Kony 2012 – key lessons in communication

March 19, 2012
What business leaders can learn about communication from the stop Kony 2012 campaign. Forget the social media, three timeless and…
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Leaders how to find your Communication Mojo NOW!

March 13, 2012
How to find your communication mojo? A post inspired by Austin Powers!…
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Fun At Work?

March 7, 2012
How can we make work more fun? The HUB knows how to do this well.…
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Is Storytelling the new black?

February 27, 2012
If storytelling is the new black how do you wear it well? The story fashion police give you ‘insider’ tips!…
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Bright ideas – where do they come from?

February 22, 2012
Where do bright ideas come from? How do you turn one man’s trash into treasure?…
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The desires that drive us to connect

November 30, 2011
What is the key to being super connected in a super connected world? The answer is surprisingly not technology but…