Fun At Work?

March 7, 2012

Business StorytellingOn March 15th the Hub turns One.  And on top of that, the Hub has just moved into a brand new expanded space. So the first thing that popped up was ‘PARTY TIME”.  It’s a Mad Hatter’s Party that promises to be an awesome night with entertainment, music and DJs!  There’s a great poster advertising the party  and everyone is buzzing about it.

This made me think about how often do we have fun at work?  Doesn’t have to be party fun but could even be small things. I remember in one of my previous workplaces on stinking hot days the boss would do an ice cream run.  So perfect!  And sometimes we had ice cream just randomly on Fridays.  When I worked at an office in Box Hill we used to do a ‘Custard Bun’ run to a nearby Vietnamese bakery.  Of course we tried not to do this more than once a week.  Oops both my examples are food related, but the purpose was to show it doesn’t have to be a big affair, even small things that perk people up and break the monotony of the work week all help.

Bernie Dekoven a ‘Fun Coach’ says even meetings can be fun with toys, food and games and believes ‘When fun gets deep enough it can heal the world’. Fun is serious business.

Of course fun can be intrinsic to your work – when you love what you do you probably have fun doing it …most days.  To paraphrase a  Marian Keyes one of my favourite authors  work is not meant to be all fun & relaxing, ‘That’s why it’s called work, otherwise it would be called ‘Deep Tissue massage’.

Some thought and effort have to go into making work fun.  I remember recently watching ‘Date night’ where Steve Carrel & Tina Fey play a married couple whose domestic life had become boring and routine. To reignite their romance they create a weekly ‘date night’ and both action and comedy ensues.  I’m not suggesting a date night for work – more like a date with fun where we think of different things we can do to make work fun…and both action and comedy will ensue.

When have you had fun at work? We Would love for you to share what fun ideas you have had at work.

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