How Leaders Connect, Engage and Inspire with Storytelling


Are you ready to learn the number one leadership and communication skill for the next decade? Business Storytelling can dramatically increase your leadership presence and your ability to influence. Business Storytelling helps you connect, engage and inspire for unprecedented personal and business success.

Regardless of age, gender, race, role or industry we have noticed four distinct storytelling styles in business. We have placed these four styles into our Storytelling Intelligence (SI) Model.

Your SI is determined by two factors. How purposeful you are with your stories and how engaging your stories are, and the four styles are…

The Avoider tends to tell very long winded stories about themselves and their successes and with a focus on ‘the good old days’ or sport. The Avoider’s stories are very low on engagement and there is no clarity around their purpose.


The Joker tells lots of really funny, engaging stories which have either low or no purpose, except to make people laugh.  It’s an admirable aim in life but the Joker misses some amazing opportunities when it comes to storytelling in business.  The opportunity they miss is connecting their stories to a business purpose.

The Reporter is the most common style in business.  The Reporter’s stories tend to have lots of facts and figures and statistics in them.  They tend to use a lot of case studies, thinking they are stories and they tend to use a lot of business examples.  While the Reporter may have clarity on their purpose for the story, their stories are very low on engagement.

The Inspirer is crystal clear on their purpose in using and narrating stories and their stories are highly engaging. They achieve this high engagement with their stories because they are not afraid to share personal stories and they know exactly how they can connect a personal story with a business message.

This may be a case of stating the bleeding obvious but the Inspirer is where you should aim to be on the SI Model. 

Regardless of where you are on the model we can help you become the most inspiring storyteller you can be.



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