Traditional humour is seen as joke telling – 3 horses walked into a bar… we know you are dying to hear the rest!

Traditional humour is dad jokes. Let’s put an end to that crime right here and now.
If you are guilty of dad jokes (whether you are a dad or not), before you read further, hold up their right hand and say aloud ‘When I’m at work I solemnly swear no more dad jokes’.

Humour power (humour in business is not telling jokes). So, a hard no to dad jokes (apologies to all the dads out there), politically incorrect old fashioned and out of date humour.

Today modern humour power in business is using humour skilfully, purposefully and appropriately to influence. It builds people up, is warm, gentle, emotionally friendly humour.

Generating laughs is an official corporate motto at Southwest and the airlines encourages the use of humour and also tests for humour as part of its recruitment process. Humour is now serious business!

Humour? You have to be kidding, you might say. ‘I’m not funny, and definitely not at work!’

Humour power can be taught and learnt, and no matter what your message or your industry, humour can help you succeed.



You know how you feel after a good belly laugh. Your brain and body are flooded with endorphins, you feel recharged, more optimistic, happier. There’s a spring in your step and you feel anything is possible. Imagine amplifying this across your team and your organisation?

Humour is a tool that can help you both to stand out in a crowd and to influence positive outcomes and everyone can learn and master humour. That is what this master class will do for you.

This master class will show you how to find and use humour to help you succeed in business, by getting people hooked on you and your messages. It is an invitation for you to dramatically increase your ability to influence by learning how to use humour to connect, engage and inspire for unprecedented personal and business success.

This practical, commercially savvy master class will work with you to:

  • Demonstrate how and why humour in business works
  • Explore why humour is a universal language
  • Identify clear business purposes for humour
  • Use skills of copying, curating and crafting humour
  • Construct and share business based humour
  • Provide feedback on the delivery and effectiveness of humour
  • Work with you to explore immediate applications of humour in your work context

This humour masterclass is for you if you want to create thriving people, teams, and workplaces.




Yamini’s ability to help leaders unlock the power of storytelling in a fun and authentic way is inspiring, insightful and transformative. I am forever grateful that our paths crossed many years ago. Yamini has had such an impact on me, and I am sure on many others.
Edweena Stratton, Chief People Officer, Culture Amp

Grab the companion book for the Humour masterclass



‘Yamini is to storytelling as apple is to pie.’
Peter Baines OAM, Founder, Hands Across Water

Do you know someone who:

Connects easily and quickly with people?
Charms everyone with their anecdotes?
Shines at dinner parties with funny stories?
Builds instant rapport with clients?
Can make an effortless, funny wedding speech?
This person is a storyteller – they are the light of the party wherever they go. And not just at parties, but everywhere.

Good storytelling helps you connect, engage and inspire, and an authentic, well-told story will always wow.

Let me show you how to make storytelling your new superpower.

This book is for everyone – yes I am on a quest to make everyone in the world a better storyteller. It is the perfect gift for someone you love.

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