Live With Yamini is our latest offering. It is video based live streaming of sessions. All our face to face workshops and keynotes are available in this format.

The sessions are broadcast in real-time. Just like TV. Except much better!

Why live video? Neil Patel, (described by The Wall Street Journal as a top influencer on the web) says ‘Live video commands the attention of the business world.’

How does Live With Yamini work? This is not so much about the technology, but the learning experience we create for you.

The Experience

We create an interactive, high quality and engaging face to face epic event experience. Except it’s online.


  • A boring webinar... zzz
  • Another zoom call
  • A physical event replicated exactly online (and passed off as new).


  • A live in studio experience
  • An event designed and customised for your online context
  • Guaranteed audience interaction, and engagement
  • Maximised group dynamics for enhanced learning
  • Fun! (Online that is fun? Yes).


  Sorry it’s not exactly like the presenter is in the room with you — it’s WAY better!

-Yamini Naidu  

The Studio - Lights, camera, action

  • This experience is live telecast from a purpose-built studio. High definition video, quality audio and fabulous lights. Watch out Hollywood!
  • The brief for the studio: This should be as exciting as watching Netflix.
  • A professional AV and videographer have been consulted in studio design. Some of the magic happens thanks to technology with multiple cameras (different angles), multiple microphones and a high-speed internet connection. While technology is critical, every technology decision has been made to serve the audience, and the learning experience

The learning journey

  • The online sessions (Live With Yamini) have been carefully calibrated to consider online learning contexts. We have considered cognitive loads and learning impacts
  • A face to face event presents learners with ‘A room of experience and a screen of distraction’.
  • Online learning contexts reverse this and provide ‘A room of distractions and a screen of experience’ States technology advisor Simon Waller. How do you compete with a room of distractions, and engage your audience and keep their attention?
  • The chunking and design of the sessions are based on Dr David Rock’s seminal neuroscience research about how we learn, and how to optimise the formation of memory.
  • We design our session in small sections, with mental refreshment breaks, much more frequent then in face to face sessions. We also avoid the use of power-points, and use live drawing, graphics and analogue tools like flip-charts (with zoom camera functionality). Every tool has been handpicked to maximise learner engagement.


Olivia Ruello, CEO Business Chicks.

Yamini presented an engaging and impactful virtual masterclass to hundreds of members of our Business Chicks community. Her setup and presentation was so professional but warm. She  delivered her unique presentation with passion, commitment and beautiful storytelling. The feedback from the audience was overwhelmingly positive – she truly captured people’s hearts and minds.

Emma Brown, Founder, Vintage Brown Global

I thoroughly enjoyed Yamini’s virtual presentation, her enthusiasm, engagement, authenticity and of course stories. Feeling very inspired. 

Shileen Costain, Director, Market Development.

I recently had the pleasure of attending an online Masterclass hosted by Yamini Naidu on story telling. Not only is Yamini an amazingly engaging speaker, but her content was, as you’d expect, well structured as well as practical with steps to quickly implement. I took so much away from just one short hour. I can’t wait to read and learn more from her. Thank you Yamini for helping me understand and put into practice story power.