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Shhh this is private…

April 4, 2017
Our biggest fear with storytelling is that we might disclose too much. It is after all storytelling and not group…
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Revenge of the analogue?

March 6, 2017
Every year, I do an annual holiday with my oldest childhood friends. A ‘girls only’ holiday, no partners or kids.…
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What drives us to reach our potential?

February 20, 2017
No excerpt…
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Beer and diamonds…how to showcase your ‘uglies’

October 11, 2016
Recently I was walking past a popular bar near my house and the ad in the window said: ‘Over rated…
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The immutable law of storytelling success

September 13, 2016
I am an economist by training (please don’t stop reading here!).  One of the most famous laws in economics is The law of…
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Beyond Binary: How to grab your audience’s attention 

August 23, 2016
“We work with people who only want the data; the facts. Do I just stick with facts or tell stories?”…
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Sorry, I have bad news…

August 9, 2016
Recently an oncologist friend shared how the hardest part of his job is giving patients bad news. It’s the toughest…
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HA HA! – 3 top tips to using humour in business

June 27, 2016
Humour can help you stand out in a crowd and influence positive outcomes in business. As with any skill, humour…
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Why so serious? 

June 13, 2016
When was the last time you felt giddy with excitement at attending a business meeting or presentation? a. All the…
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Gormless in the city

May 30, 2016
A few weeks ago I was standing on a busy, windy street corner in Melbourne: no handbag, arms akimbo and…
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What’s love got to do with it?

May 16, 2016
Talking about love in business might make us uncomfortable. Isn’t business all about head, not heart? When we talk of…
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Have you put your garbage out?

May 5, 2016
A few minutes before I was to go on stage recently, the MC who was introducing me glanced at the…