On Air Virtual Presentation Skills


 How to connect with an audience you cannot see?


When you hear the word, webinar do you:

  • Have low expectations
  • Run for the hills
  • Get excited!

If you want your audience to always pick option c – then read on.

With your next virtual presentation, everything needs to be on 11. It’s better than 10 bigger, more interaction, better visuals, more personality to keep your audience engaged. This idea is from Spinal Tap, the gold standard in mockumentaries. 

Why? A face to face event presents learners with ‘A room of experience and a screen of distraction’. Virtual presentations reverse this context states technology advisor Simon Waller. Online provides ‘A room of distractions and a screen of experience’.


How do you compete with a room of distractions and engage your audience and keep their attention? The answer is definitely not:

  • A boring webinar... zzz
  • Another video call
  • A physical event replicated exactly online (and passed off as new).


Virtual presentations require presenters to design an experience.

 And now you can learn how.


 Virtual presentations every audience member is on the front seat.

On air: Virtual Presentation Skills Masterclass

This masterclass provides practical and road-tested skills in crafting and delivering virtual presentations. In addition, it provides detailed practice and feedback opportunities.

This 3 hour master class is a live stream session. We tailor it to your audience and business issues. We work with participants to:

  • Craft magic messages
  • Create outstanding audience interactions
  • Explore tools that deliver impact online
  • Amplify presenter personality and presence
  • Design a captivating virtual experience


Our master classes are ‘experiential’. Participants get to build their presentations with us step by step using these new tools. We also provide the safe space and opportunity to apply and practice.

Structure of Virtual Presentation Skills Masterclass

  • PART 1: Craft magic messages
  • PART 2: Design outstanding audience interactions
  • PART 3: Deliver – Camera, lights, action

Section 1 CRAFT: Covers crafting your presentation messages. No actor can rise above their script. So we work with participants to help them craft punchy messages that work online.

Section 2 DESIGN: Explores interactive engagement tools. This is about your AUDIENCE and explores non tech and  tech tools. Techniques are platform-agnostic.

Section 3 DELIVER: Focuses on the presenter (camera, mic, lighting, virtual backgrounds, slides, etc.) We work with presenters sharing tools that allow them to amplify their virtual presence.

The program is both platform and tool agnostic. These strategies work no matter what platform you use. We focus on teaching and sharing skills and techniques that are simple and practical. You can use them immediately in your next online presentation.

 Are you ready to set the world on fire with your next virtual presentation?  Contact us to book a session.

Hear what others say

Yamini is a warm, professional and masterful storyteller. I had the pleasure of engaging her to mentor presenters for a major conference. She worked wonderfully with everyone from our most experienced senior leaders to our enthusiastic amateurs to prepare them for storytelling on the big stage. Yamini worked with our team to flesh out their narrative, find their own style and get comfortable engaging large audiences. She is passionate and generous with her knowledge. I cannot recommend Yamini more highly.

Charisse Soutar, Executive Manager, Internal Communications, REA Group

Yamini presented an engaging and impactful virtual masterclass to hundreds of members of our Business Chicks community. Her setup and presentation was so professional but warm. She  delivered her unique presentation with passion, commitment and beautiful storytelling. The feedback from the audience was overwhelmingly positive – she truly captured people’s hearts and minds.

Olivia Ruello, CEO Business Chicks.


I thoroughly enjoyed Yamini’s virtual presentation, her enthusiasm, engagement, authenticity and stories. Feeling very inspired.

Emma Brown, Founder, Vintage Brown Global