Love, learn, leave…

February 11, 2015

imagesRecently I received a scathing email about a supposed single misprint in our book.  The writer concluded by saying they were so happy that they had only borrowed the book from the library, rather than purchased it.  OOUCHHHH!

Reading the email on the train to work, I felt I was being punched in the guts.  I might even have sworn aloud…OK I definitely did!  As it turns out, it wasn’t a misprint but an accommodation for the global market.

So, how does one give criticism/feedback in a way that is positive?  The type of feedback delivered in a way that the receiver is open to hearing it and then acting on it?  We all crave feedback and yet are loathe to give it.

Recently we faced the same challenge when running our very successful “Is there a TED talk in you?” program.  Not only did the participants receive feedback, but it was given in a group setting.  We used a wonderful frame made up of three parts:

  • Love – What I loved about your talk…
  • Learn – What I learned from it… and
  • Leave – One thing I want to leave you with (a suggestion for improvement).

Use this frame if you want people at the end of your feedback not swearing, but leaving with at least one thing they need to do differently.  Now that’s the kind of feedback we would all love to receive.

What’s the best or worst way you’ve received feedback in the past?  Please comment – I love hearing from you.

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