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Embracing the spotlight: Celebrating Professional Speakers’ Day with Gratitude

March 14, 2024

Happy Professional Speakers’ Day!

Who knew today March 14th is dedicated to celebrating this extraordinary profession and way of life? Huge thanks to @Warwick Merry for the LinkedIn post that sparked this joyful recognition of speakers everywhere.

No one grows up thinking they want to be a professional speaker. I wanted to be a zookeeper like my favourite childhood hero and book ‘My Family and other animals’ by Gerald Durrell.

Speaking is something that I slowly evolved into. I remember one of my early mentors telling me speaking is the best personal development you can ever have. Yes, yes that’s right personal development. You learn to face all your fears. Does my bum look big in this, will the audience connect with me and my message, will I remember what I’m going to say? And an infinite number of other demons that must be slayed or gently turned away.

 I’m here today thanks to the amazing mentorship, friendship, support, guidance and love I have received from my beautiful Professional Speakers Australia community. But most of all my clients who book, rebook, and recommend me.

Every day I’m driven to improve my craft (though speaking is both an art and a craft). This burning desire comes from only one place. With every keynote, I only wish to serve my audience. So, I’m always thinking about how I can do this better, smarter, differently.

And oh, always how can I make this funnier? Two of the best humour mentors in the business are Robbi Mack, CSP and Kate Burr. I have worked with both. And I can’t recommend them too highly. Please know this is a genuine heart-felt recommendation, not some shonky affiliation link or paid promotion.

Hand my heart I can say, 100% I love I love what I do. I’m so privileged to be able to do what could only be considered a dream job. Not a bad journey for an ex-economist!

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