Yamini Naidu (She/Her)

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Yamini Naidu…The world’s only economist turned Bollywood dancing business storyteller.

Location – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia  UTC/GMT+10

About me

Yamini Naidu, CSP is rated among the top 3 business storytellers globally and is the world’s only economist turned business storyteller. Award-winning speaker and best-selling author, she works with leaders helping them shift from spreadsheets to stories. Her clients include Google, Adidas, Ford Motor Company, Goldman Sachs, Accenture & Tiffany & Co.

Topics I can discuss

What is X factor and how you can find it?

How to make your business presentations shine with X factor?

How business professionals can find their X factor?

Podcast Categories

Public Speaking, Business Presentations, Communication, Business, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Leadership for Women, Management, Personal Development

Questions you can ask me

  1. What is this modern X factor you talk about?
  2. X factor isn’t it something people are born with?
  3. How can X factor be taught and learned?
  4. How can you use it in presentations?
  5. Do we really need X factor in business?
  6. Isn’t X factor risky?
  7. What successes have you had helping people discover their X factor
  8. What about introverts, people who are shy, is X factor for them too?
  9. Why do business professionals need X factor
  10. Doesn’t finding your X factor take years and years?

Some Previous Podcast Appearances

Sidewalk Talk Podcast, 4 May 2020 The Link between Story, Connection and Productivity. Yamini Naidu chats to Traci Ruble founder of Sidewalk talk.

Craig Johns, active CEO Podcast, 10 September 2019 Yamini Naidu Business Story Mastery

Warwick Merry, 4 November 2019, Supercharge your business with storytelling, Get More Success

Christina Canters, 13 June 2018, Why Business Storytelling Is Key To Leadership Success with Yamini Naidu Episode 165]

ABC Radio, February 2018, ‘Saturday afternoons with Lisa Leong’ features Yamini discussing the power of business storytelling. (34min mark)

Naidu Y, May 2016 Podcast 112 – Yamini Naidu Power Play, The Luke & Suzie Show

How I’ll Promote Your Podcast Episode

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Instagram @yamini.naidu