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Something weird happened to me this morning…

March 11, 2024

I’m waiting for my coffee and a stranger, smiles at me. Like he knows me. 

I fake a polite smile. My mind is racing. Do I know you? Are you a new neighbor or perhaps a friend’s ex?😕

Oh no, he’s coming over! He gently asks me, ‘How are you doing, since Ace?’ And then it hits me. 

The day after we had to put our dear fur baby Ace Naidu to sleep, this stranger was innocently walking his dog. His dog looked just like Ace, and I broke down—lots of ugly crying, crumpled tissues and incoherent babbling.

But how come I don’t remember him? Because he wasn’t the only one to be a target of my grief. 

For weeks after losing Ace, on my morning walks through Hawthorn, I was a serious health hazard. Anyone with a dog was in grave danger, as I stopped to pat their dog and share my heartbreak*. 

I was a leaking vault of grief. Narrating (unsolicited) stories of how Ace was the smartest, best-looking, most intelligent and affectionate dog in the world**.

And yet every time, I received nothing but kindness and warm hugs. And all from strangers. 🤗

As social media bombards us daily with scenes of ugliness, violence and brutality, it’s hard to imagine the world is still full of good people. Kind people who took the time to console a stranger. Thank you.🙏🏽

This is a gentle reminder for me. Sometimes kindness is just listening deeply. No judgment, no interruptions and no ‘me too’ stories. 

I’m much better now, thanks. The health warnings can come down from all the dog parks. Just saying – Boroondara Council.

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