Quantum leap your influence

What if lives were saved or lost because of your ability to influence?  How do you influence when the stakes are so high?
Pet Rescue Australia faces exactly this situation every day.  Sadly 100,000 rescue dogs are put down every year in Australia. jerky-dog
To make a difference, Pet Rescue had to influence more Australians to adopt dogs from shelters.  They also had to overcome the very first barrier that is actually getting people to visit a shelter.  Their strategy was simple ‘If we can’t bring people to the rescue dogs, we’ll bring rescue dogs to the people!  But how?  Pet Rescue is a not for profit with limited resources and marketing spend.
One of the insights they had was most people look like their dogs!  Really, and there is some scientific evidence that backs this up.  They used this insight to deploy their strategy.
An app was built titled Dog-A-Like.  You can download the app, upload your photo and it scans through all the photos of dogs in rescue shelters and ‘bingo’ finds your perfect dog match.  Dog-A-Like was an instant hit and became the No. 1 App in the Australian iTunes store for two weeks.  Whether people were thinking of getting a dog or not, everyone started using it and uploading their perfect match images on to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  And the results, 36% increase in dogs rehomed – over 2200 dogs every month.  This has been Australia’s single most successful dog rehoming campaign to date.  Inspiring!
An insight, a simple strategy and involving your customers to create a new story worth sharing.  A potent mix to quantum leap your influence.

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  • Len

    Hi Yamini,
    You may not remember me, you and Bev shared an office once.
    I’ve been following you for years. Read your book, but, it’s this post that’s got me to comment.
    Great story.

    • Yamini Naidu

      Hi Len
      Great to hear from you, thanks so much for following me and my love and best wishes to Bev. Hope you both are well.
      Best wishes

  • Ruth Rozario

    Good opening line – I was sold reading that!!!
    Get quite a few blogs on a weekly basis – yours is one I always take time to read.
    Really enjoy the message.
    Keep up the good work!!

    • Yamini Naidu

      Ruth thank you so much for your support and positive feedback. has made my week!
      Best wishes

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