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Unleash Professional Speakers’ Storytelling Secrets

November 22, 2023

What are the secrets professional speakers use to deliver stories with impact?

How can you elevate your storytelling on any stage?

Here are my top 3 tips – they are simple, but without them, your story will sink not sizzle.

  1. Take a beat: Ever notice how the greats leave you hanging on their every word? It’s not magic; it’s the art of taking a beat – PAUSE. Take a beat—count 1234 in your head. Let your audience savour the moment. Pause before your end, pause before your punchline, pause before your message, and after your message. Make your story a rhythmic dance, not a sprint.

  2. Repetition Reinvented: Repetition isn’t dull; it’s a secret weapon. Land your power statements not once, but twice. Mix it up—speed, pitch, volume. The first time, hit them fast; then repeat the sentence but slow it down. It’s like storytelling jazz, and you’re the maestro.

  3. Laugh it Off: Make your audience laugh. Not all the way through. You’re not a comedian. But even in the darkest of stories you must create a light moment.

Remember, these tips aren’t just for the grand stage. In leadership, when sharing stories whether over coffee or in a corridor chat, the best stories are always shared conversationally.

Repetition might be weird one-on-one (just saying) but a pause and a sprinkle of laughter can turn any story into an unforgettable experience for your listener.

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